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Custom Orthotics

Why Custom Orthotics by FootMaxx?

Footmaxx custom-made orthotics are different from over the counter orthotics. They are specifically designed for your feet. YES – YOUR FEET.

Once your doctor scans or obtains a cast of your feet, he or she then will prescribe the ideal pair of orthotics for your individual needs.

Footmaxx orthotics are designed to provide maximum foot control by using four layers (top cover, cushioning, module and bottom cover) to create the optimal orthotic. They offer excellent motion control without added bulk or discomfort.

With Footmaxx’s Metascan technology patients walk across a sensory pad that not only scans their gait but pressure points and patterns in their regular walk. This comprehensive scan creates a unique picture so that not only are your orthotics made to the shape of your feet but for their highest level of function and physical comfort.

Custom Orthotics are helpful for people who:

  • People with flat feet
  • Who have to stand for a long time
  • People who spend a lot of time walking
  • Who exercise