Dr. Song doesn't treat symptoms. He goes straight for the cause.

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What Makes the Most Sense?

There is no effect without a cause. Chiropractors adjust causes. Others treat effects.

– B. J. Palmer


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    Julie Mcfarlane

    I’ve been avoiding my problem for sometime but now I’m desperate for an answer. I don’t trust doctors so I haven’t gone to one.

    Last July I went for a long hike and the next day I was very sore and stiff in my inner knees. I thought “this will go away in a few days” its now January and I am still in a lot of pain. I walk completely different and I think the problem is stemmed from something else. Pelvis? feet? I’ve gone to three different chiropractors and none have touched the core problem. One gave up and told me to go see the doctor. Another, kept using the “gun thing” to stimulate my nerves to fire to my legs but after 15 treatments still nothing held and I was growing a little untrusting that he knew what he was doing. I need someone who can help me unravel this mess i’m in. I feel knots in my leg muscles now and I try not to walk funny but I do.

    Do you think you can help me? I’ve already gone through investing in three doctors and wasted time and money.

    Im willing to do anything to start getting some answers. . .I’m losing weight, I’m stretching, I’m trying to get healthy by illuminating inflammatory foods. I need help with the nerve and mechanical part of the equation.

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