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Benefits Beyond Pain

We’ve narrowed down some of the most important pieces of information from the article Benefits Beyond Pain by Dr. Mercola (linked below) for our patients to have a deeper understanding of Chiropractic care!

  • Contrary to popular belief, chiropractic can be used to optimize wellness, not just treat pain 
  • Subluxation refers to misalignment or dysfunction in your spine, which will interfere with the signals traveling across those nerves. This can cause pain, as well as dysfunction in your internal organs
  • Getting regular chiropractic treatments can help prevent progressive spinal degeneration, i.e. osteoarthritis or disc disease
  • Just like regular dental care will prolong the useful life of your teeth, getting regular chiropractic treatments can do the same for your spine
  • Your spinal column, the vertebrae, and the discs, also protect your most delicate and important system — your nervous system — and impingements can contribute to a number of health problems and ailments
  • “Where I think chiropractic shines is that we address the cause of the problem. Somebody might have high blood pressure. Their high blood pressure is not due to the fact that they [lack] high blood pressure medication. Many times if there’s nerve interference lowering the expression and function of organs, it can contribute to the body not functioning at 100 percent, which leaves it more susceptible to, as we in chiropractic say, ‘Dis-Ease’ and then the body becomes sick or symptomatic. What we like to do is look at the individual holistically and see what’s going on with their nervous system. ” – Dr. DeMoss
  • “I want people to understand that when something’s not working in your body, there are things that we can do to make it work, other than drugs and surgery. It’s so sad that people have this limited belief set on what chiropractic is about. It’s more than just you coming in and seeing us as a Band-Aid to get rid of your pain.” -Dr. DeMoss



Author: Dr. Mercola


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Best 3 Chiropractors in Langley

Dr. Song is among the top three chiropractors in Langley!

After a “50-Point Inspection ranging from history, complaints, reviews, satisfaction, trust and cost to the general excellence.” We couldn’t have done this without your consistent feedback and support!! A big thank you to all of our amazing patients and we hope to continue serving the community for many years to come.

– Song Family Chiropractic Team

See the best chiropractors in Langley here.

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Sun Safety Tips for Everyone

As the weather gets warmer, we are more inclined to go outdoors and enjoy the sun. What we don’t want is a mean sunburn that will last for weeks.Always make sure to use a sunscreen that is at least SPF 15. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes prior to sun exposure and as often as possible. It does not mean you can stay out longer by wearing sunscreen. If your skin turns even a little pink, you should go inside! Here are some tips to help you stay safe outside…

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After A Car Crash

When Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident

If you have been in a car crash you may have experienced injury to the upper spine and neck. These are the most common areas of injury that lead to other symptoms such as joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, arm pain and leg pain. These symptoms occur when the vertebral joints and associated muscles and nerves are subjected to uncommon forces and movements associated with a car crash. It is important that you have an examination by your family chiropractor as soon as possible to support the recovery process. Consult your family chiropractor for further information as soon as possible after a car crash as well. All injury reports will be provided by your chiropractic doctor.

In many cases, people do not feel pain right after a motor vehicle accident. Some people develop pain, stiffness and other symptoms 7-10 days after an accident. This is not unusual, however, do not delay in seeking treatment from your chiropractic doctor. Seeing a chiropractor early on can prevent mild or unknown injuries before they get worse.

Severe symptoms such as headache or arm/leg pain are also common. Be sure to advise your chiropractic doctor as soon as possible.

It is important to be aware that the effects of substantive crashes may recur over 6-18 months. Symptoms and effects will lessen gradually with treatment.For most people, pain and other symptoms associated with spinal injury usually decreases by gradually returning to normal activity. Most injuries are not serious and people often recover to their pre-accident condition. The amount of disruption to normal activities vary with the circumstances of each crash.

What are My Treatment Options?

All persons involved in a car accident (driver or passenger, fault or not at fault) are eligible to receive chiropractic treatment! Your ICBC adjuster will explain all your benefits and answer any questions you may have. Most service providers can also provide you with information. Don’t forget to check out our ICBC programs for chiropractic and kinesiology! Click here.

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Preventing Spine Surgery

Are You Considering Spine Surgery?

Spine surgery is not always be the correct recommendation or treatment. Individuals with chronic back pain are sometimes recommended surgical alternatives without attending a chiropractic doctor. Informed consent is necessary to proceed with any method of treatment. It is also good to get a second opinion if you are unsure about the best option for your symptoms. If a second opinion has not been recommended, you should not hesitate to seek one on your own.
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