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After A Car Crash

When Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident

If you have been in a car crash you may have experienced injury to the upper spine and neck. These are the most common areas of injury that lead to other symptoms such as joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, arm pain and leg pain. These symptoms occur when the vertebral joints and associated muscles and nerves are subjected to uncommon forces and movements associated with a car crash. It is important that you have an examination by your family chiropractor as soon as possible to support the recovery process. Consult your family chiropractor for further information as soon as possible after a car crash as well. All injury reports will be provided by your chiropractic doctor.

In many cases, people do not feel pain right after a motor vehicle accident. Some people develop pain, stiffness and other symptoms 7-10 days after an accident. This is not unusual, however, do not delay in seeking treatment from your chiropractic doctor. Seeing a chiropractor early on can prevent mild or unknown injuries before they get worse.

Severe symptoms such as headache or arm/leg pain are also common. Be sure to advise your chiropractic doctor as soon as possible.

It is important to be aware that the effects of substantive crashes may recur over 6-18 months. Symptoms and effects will lessen gradually with treatment.For most people, pain and other symptoms associated with spinal injury usually decreases by gradually returning to normal activity. Most injuries are not serious and people often recover to their pre-accident condition. The amount of disruption to normal activities vary with the circumstances of each crash.

What are My Treatment Options?

All persons involved in a car accident (driver or passenger, fault or not at fault) are eligible to receive chiropractic treatment! Your ICBC adjuster will explain all your benefits and answer any questions you may have. Most service providers can also provide you with information. Don’t forget to check out our ICBC programs for chiropractic and kinesiology! Click here.

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