Dr. Song doesn't treat symptoms. He goes straight for the cause.

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After A Car Crash

When Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident If you have been in a car crash you may have experienced injury…

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Langley Song Family Chiropractic Testimonials

  • Dr. Song has a different level of responsibility and care for his patients. Unlike many other chiropractors that I have seen , I can see that his goals are to utilize the treatment time to its greatest extent and provide the best care possible. I have never in 3 years under his care walked out of Song Family Chiropractic dissatisfied. I also appreciate the honesty and integrity that founds his clinic. I cannot recommend Dr. Song enough!!!

  • Dr. Song takes care of my headaches, and pain in my neck and back. He is knowledgeable and the results I see with his treatments always surprise me. Have been returning for almost a year now and I will continue to do so! I also love that they run on a great system which allows me to always go in on time and there is hardly ever a wait.

  • I have been seeing Dr. Song since approx. 2009. The best chiropractor I have ever seen. I have been to the 5 min adjusting come see me weekly doctors. Dr Song is not one of them. You really feel like he's taken time & care. He will find spots that bother me without me even mentioning them. He's professional, on time & worth every penny. I highly recommend Dr. Hoseon Song!

  • I didn't know how releasing the pressure build up can make you feel so rejuvenated!!! Dr Song has helped me with discomfort in my neck and low back for a couple months now and it has really helped my day to day life. The pain that could not be relieved with medicine is now much more mild and I am happy with how my body is progressively feeling so much better! I would for sure say from experience that one treatment will probably not make you instantly feel better but going regularly will help you see a big difference.. Every visit to song family chiropractic is easy and fuss free as the receptionists try to accommodate to your needs as best as possible. I work full time so it is extremely difficult for me to actually find time to go to a clinic so I appreciate this a lot :)

  • I would stronly recommend Dr.Song to anyone seeking chiropractic assistance. He takes the time and listens to his patients to find out exactly what is bothering them. He always lets me know ahead of time if he thinks there may be some lingering soreness after an adjustment and suggests ways to handle the soreness until my body accepts the adjustment.

  • For 5 years I could not sleep on my side due to chronic back pain. Dr. Song gave me two treatments a week for six weeks. I can now sleep through the night on either side. Thank-you Dr. Song!

  • I had back pain for 3 weeks. After his care and treatment, I felt different right away. So, I kept trying on his treatment for several times. And now, I am OK without pain at all. Thank you

  • I was introduced to Song Family Chiropractic through a friend. The clinic itself is clean, quiet and spacious. I had a sharp pain in my elbow and wrist from serving, and discomfort in my back, neck and shoulders from sitting at desks for long hours at a time while studying. Following Dr. Song's treatment plan has helped me relieve the pain. Since then I have introduced my family to Song Family Chiropractic and I still receive routine checkups. I am extremely satisfied with the results.

  • I couldn't walk for longer than 3 hours because of my leg pain, so I went in to see Dr. Song. Dr. Song provided good treatment, explained the mechanism behind the pain, and advices to prevent the pain. After listening to his advices and getting Dr. Song's treatments, I can walk for a whole day without any leg pain. I strongly recommend Dr. Song

  • Dr. Song is so caring and really takes care of my needs. He's great about suggesting things that I can do at home to help the treatment process. He also does laser therapy, which I have never seen at any other clinics! I am so happy I started coming to Dr. Song.